Jun.2023 13
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The tamping tines supplied to Taiwan Railway and pass the loading test

Recently, Through the hard work of the production and R&D department of the company, the company successfully delivered a batch of alloy tamping tine on time to the railway department of Taiwan on March 15th to overcome the hot weather in recent days. The tamping tine will be installed on the Harsco tamping truck. The products passed the acceptance of the owner smoothly and were highly praised by the owner.

Tamping Machine is one of the Heavy-duty railway maintenance Equipment , applicable to new line construction, the existing railway line Maintenance and operation, to track automatically copy flat, dial, ballast tamping homework, improve roadbed compactness of ballast, increase the stability of the railway, remove the track in the direction of the deviation, left and right deviation and Anterior and posterior deviations, Make the track line meet the requirements of line design standards and railway line maintenance rules, and ensure the safe operation of trains.

QM Track Equipment Co., Ltd. as a professional railway machine tamping tine R & D and production enterprises, the company has advanced R & D and production equipment, the production of tungsten carbide alloy tamping tine are widely used in various types of tamping Machine like Plasser 08-16,08-32, 09-32,08-275,08-475,08-2X,Harsco MarkIV. Products widely sold China domestic and oversea and received the owners of the consistent high praise.